Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ritul Joshi [Biography] Aaj Tak News anchor

Ritul Joshi is a News anchor with Aaj Tak and Headlines Today.She is considered one of the best presenters in News world.

She received Diploma in Mass Communication from IIMC in 1998-99.Then she started working in ANI (news agency).She has done reporting in Politics, sports, environmental and lifestyle issues from many countries of the world.These include attack on Parliament, PM's visit to China and Russia, President Bush and Obama's visit to India andthe Anna's crusade against corruption.She has also interviewed several renowned personalities.She is daughter of Mr and Mrs PC Joshi.

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Joshi ji right now 5:00 am an San fra.. Ca USA I was watching the news you are one telling about what happen with sikh's and Sikh famille's in India i am so glad at least aj tak can tell the people of India what happen that time thank 's if you guy's have any question my cell no 001-415-640-0309

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