Friday, April 13, 2012

Nirmal Baba [Biography]

Nirmal Baba is an Indian spiritual guru who is popular these days for his programmer "Third Eye Of Nirmal Baba" these days.

Nirmal Baba's real name is Nirmaljeet Singh Narula. He was born around 1950 in a Sikh family. His family shifted to India during the partition in 1947. Nirmal Baba has an elder brother who is living in Ludhiana.He got married to the daughter of Dilip Singh Bagga in Jharkhand and has two children (son & daughter). Nirmal Baba is the brother-in-law of former speaker of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, Inder Singh Namdharee. Mr Namdharee married Baba’s sister in 1964 when Nirmal was only 14-15 years old. After the murder of his father during his childhood, his mother sent him to Daltonganj, Jharkhand in 1970’s.

He is married to Sushma Narula. Sushma is from Jharkhand.

In 1970-71, Baba reached Medininagar and stayed there till 1981-82. He shifted to Ranchi in 1984 but returned to Delhi in the same year.Baba got a mining contract in Bahragoda (Jharkhand) in 1998-99. He set up his business in Modinagar in 1981-82, he had a brick kiln named ‘Nirmal Eent’ there.Prior to that Baba owned a cloth shop. He shut the shop after few years.

Nirmal became popular in a very less time duration. Until June 2011, saw approximately 5,000 hits every month. Since then the number has grown four-times over. In April 2012, this number has reached over 42,000 hits per day. As per Google Tools approximately 8 lakh people visit his site, and it receives 18lakh page views! This figure is more than a lot many News Websites.He has over 3 lakh followers on Facebook. Add to this, around 42,000 followers on Twitter.

In April 2012 various news papers published news about Nirmal Baba's bank accounts.He advertises on 35 channels. On every congregation (darbar) around 5,000 are believed to be present. Each person has to pay Rs 2,000 to be a part of it. This amounts to a staggering figure of around Rs 1 crore from every darbar he organizes. It is believed that around 7 such darbars are conducted every month which takes the stats to Rs 84 crores per year. This not the end to it.He also gives group appointments, conducts pujas, takes donations etc.Every devotee of his, who is healed of his problems, has to pay 1/10th of his earnings. Plus thousands shell out a lot from their kitty to free themselves from the problems which Baba claims to solve.
A Hindi daily, Prabhat Khabar, claims to have details of two of these accounts. As per the newspaper, Rs 109 crore have been deposited in these two accounts this year (until first week of April 2012). Roughly, everyday Rs 1.11 crores are deposited into these accounts. Although a large part of the deposit comes from Bihar, West Bengal and Jharkhand, but transactions take place from all over the country. Prabhat Khabar states that Rs 16 crore were deposited into Nirmal Baba's account on April 12, 2012.

In an another controversy two youngsters, Tanaya Thakur and Aritya Thakur, filed a report against self-proclaimed godman Nirmal Baba at a police station on Wednesday. They want the Baba punished for allegedly cheating ordinary people through his “impractical” solutions.The written report said Nirmal Baba cheats common people by claiming godly powers. The report says his activities fuel superstitious thoughts and are a “hindrance to modernistic thoughts”.

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i do belive on nirmal baba

cheating people,giving them crap.Nirmaljeet singh Narula deserves capital punishment.

grow up "mentally"Nirmal makes millions every day cheating people like you,STOP encouraging such pathetic dogs.

ok ok.... i admitted that he has done all that crime n etc...but any one can tell me that if he is wrong n making people fool.. so why evryones wishes get aceepted to god after persuing front of baba ji........

never believe in any BABA,all r cheater.believe in yourself & god,it will far better than any thing.

m viswas karta hu nirmal baba par

Agar kisi ki problem kisi bhi jariye se solve ho jati h to vo usse hi bhagwan maante h. Aur agar meri wish puri hoti h to mein bhi nirmal baba ji ko bhagwan ka avtar maan kr unpar faith kr lunga. Aam janta bhi yahi krti h agar unka faith baba ji par h aur margi se paisa dete h to isme baba ji ka fault nhi h. Ye to bas viswas ki bat h.

news channels wale kya pahele so rahe the jo inhe ab yaad aai

india me sabhi padhe likhe hai aur samagam me padhe likhe log bhi jaate hain

Don't u think we r arguing on such matters which needs investigation. coz Powers does exists can't be denied but on name of Powers one make others fool or not, .. we have to analyze. If he is using Shakti for his means then there must be some requirements of Shakti too from him. Who so ever rise Critics always follow them, its a business !! I am myself double PG and MBA from U.K. but have trust on powers too, i have realized them yes definitly not from Nirmal Baba.

this story is like 2 sides of coin, check both sides and rest which r unseen too. like a square in a square and square on the each angle of the square.  don't be a typical layman who is after crowd no matter it leads to whole. (Bhed chaal) believe in truth and analyze the truth at ur own ends.

first punish the tv and media  

am saying ki agar kuch galat hi inke smagam mai to kyu logon ki wishes puri hojati hai ..wen anyone pray infront of him.nt me bt my brother's friend has felt he blessing after connecting wid babaji...itne log roz roz kiraye pe nahilaye jate.....mere frnds n family n relative roz koi na koi bada experince feel karte hain ..... agey dekhna hai ki kya hota hai.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

people should believe in one GOD   .Rest every thing is fraud.. Saints never touch money. MAYA MOHNI JIS BIN DAANTAN JAG KHAya. Please belive in one GOD. Dont go after cheats and fake saints. Kirpal Singh Kolkata

nirmal singh narula pakhandi hai bahut bada pakhandi hai pata nhi esne shriff logo ke paise kis karam me udai hai ye to wahi jane maine bhi es pakhandi ko 100000 ruppess gribo ke liye diye they pata nahi kis haal me honge wo one lakh rupees, bada dukh hua meri astha tut gai baba ji ye tune kya kiya bata

I trust God and God is everywhere and in everybody, but howcome our own people dnt trust us but trust Babaji ? There must be something, so check it
Coz chkng will make u clear and then decide. Just one request then please be true.

pahle baba logo ko chod ke swis bank me deposit kiye gaye arbo ruppeye indian leaders ke piche pade Nirmal Baba, Anna Hajare aur Ramdev se kuch bhala ho raha hai to Please Samaj ke chintit logo aap log Maff kare inhe jine de aur inke bhkto ko bhi

Sg24978 dekho agar koi bhi aadmi agar kisi maternity home ke bahar khada ho jay aur sabhi logon ko ye bole ki aapke ladka hi hoga to atleast 50 % logon ke ye baat sachi nikal hi jaaegi aur ye 50 % log us aadmi mein vishwas karne lag jaenge aur 
aur yahi 50 % log honge jo uske liye mouthpublicity karenge
aur baki jo 50 % log jinko ladke nahi hua wo apne ko poorva janmon kafal ya un shaktiyon ke kripa un tak nahin pahoonchi hai aisa soch kar baith jaenge 
waise bhi nirmal baba bhi popular , have u seen his videos what he do ih ki he will ask u kahan se aae ho ya phir person himself tells in his introduction ki wo kahan se aaya hai for eg. he says nagpur toh deekhti baat hai ki usne kabhi na kabhi santre " Oranges" to khaye hi honge 
to phir nirmal ji kahte hai ki ye batao santare ka juice piye hua kitna time ho gaya , if the person says ki usne piya hi nahi toh nirmal ji kahenge abki jakar peena kripa wahin se ruk rahi hai , aur agar us aadmi ne ye kaha ki abhi recently hi piya tha to wo kahega abki baar khud bhi peena aur garibon mein bhi baant dena kripa aajaegi , so if u watch him care fully u can make out ki uske paas shaktiyan nahin uske paas sirf ye knowledge hai kikahan kya famous ha ya phir kya mashhoor jagah hai , so i think he is fraud waise ek baat aur hai log wahan jaate hi kyun hai agar ab thag liye gaye hai to chila rahe hain galti n logon ki bhi hai jo aankh band kar ke kisi par bhi vishwas kar lete hai 

yes buddy hit him right on the nose coz he suckes and some f***kng indians too who follows him.

Mind your own bussiness if u r not any beleiver on him!

Dont you think your are waste kid. Lol

Why dont you first grow urself you kid! Haha

High 5! Andyou know ye jo bhonk rahe hain ye sab velle hain. Inki apni life me toh kuch acha karna nahi inhone toh dusro k kaam me b taang adane k alaawa aur kuch hai nahi inke paas. So chill brother. They will be calm after a short bark ! :P

Chal bhai kaam karle apna dialouge na maar!

Uncle tu kyu dukhi ho gya! Shakal dekh apni 100000 walay!

First try to clear your own point what u said! Buhahaha!

Aray bhai Indian news channel ko toh news chahiye! Ab ghar me rakhi bhagwan ki photo b toh kabhi nahi bolti! Toh y do we believe it! so stop making guesses and step out if you never ever believed him! Simple!

Why dont both of you fuck yourself first? Cuz ur douchebags!

Anuj Thakur thukkega tu! Hahaha

Ye sab un pandito or jyotish walay logo ka kaarnama hai jinka bussiness Nirmal Baba Ji ki waja se ruk gya tha!

all people trusts on nirmal .. i dont know ........... can u say anybody......

Pehle khud ko dekho ad think ki baba ke wajah se tumhare kitne kam success hua so apne trust ko bna ke rakho.News channel ka kya hai kal agar kuch or news mile to use v mirch masala lgakar sabka mind divert kare so plz trust only on nirmal baba and fagrot all this type of bekkkkkkaaaaaar baswwwasssshhhhh,,,,,,  clormint khao  dimag ki batti jalao


''Jab Haathi chale Bazar to Kutta lage Hazar''. & tumlog savi Kutte ho unko cheater batane wale.

Baba aur bhakt ke beech mey piasa kahan se a gaya ............... Bhagwan aur bhakt ke beech mey paisa kahan hai..........Garib admi jo madir jata hai Nirmal Baba ke darshan toh nahi kar pata hai ............

Jab jab yeh piasa ka len den hoga woh baba nahi ho sakta.........agar woh baba hai toh paise ka kya karega ashram ki kya jarurat hai.................................
Yeh hindu culture , baba culture sab froud logo ka khel hai.

Bhakti aur Bhagwan ke beech paisa ...........yeh acchi baat nahi hai

best interpretation of nirmal gadha...... 

yahi to fark hai padhe likhe or sikshit hone main curse our education systum

god knows truth.. The allmighty power will do fair decision..

i will always be ur devotee and follower nirmal and my families and even my neighbours who are your ardent devotee our faith is unshakable on you babaji..u have always been there for me in all tough times..nirmal baba ki jai..

100% agreed..............iss baat ko sirf maine aur tumne dhyaan diya.............baaki koi iss baat ko nahi smjh raha..............n ye aadmi ek mining factory me kaam karta tha.........................
jab maut ayegi tab bhagwaan se milenge naa ki iss nirmal person can be greater than god...............hume bhagwaan se prayer karni chahiye ............bhagwaan ke agent banne waale logo se nahi.............blind faith hai aur kuch nahi...................50 -50 ka logic hai iss aadni ka

logically socho.............branded shoes pehne se kripa ayegi and saste shoes se kripa ruk jayegi???? is it possible...................?
i dont want to hurt any1 feeling
but aap sabhi logo iss baat ko socho (shoes waali)
no prejudice plz..................n than reply

saabash ???? tell me 1 thing??? are u really literate??? how can a man be compared to god???? there is 50% chance in each n everythng..............if its sumthng good .............u thank baba..............and wat wen sumthng wrong happens??? u curse urself...................thats not the way................its ur life............decide wats good n wats wrong..................god is great .........he'z everywhere .................worship him n everything will be allright
n regards 2 ur baba................wo bhagwaan ki meherbaani se he chal raha hai...................sab badla lenge bhagwaan.................logo ko thagne ka...............bewkoof banaane ka................kaam bhagwaan karte hain ..............n credits ye baba le lete hain

Mana k bhole bhale log apni marji se paise dete hain.. Lekin kya kabhi bhi, baba ne koi bhi samagun bagair paise liye kiya hai, kabhi apni kirpa bagair paise liye barsayi hai, or kyun nahi interview karte har news channel par.. Or agar aap k babaji ready ho jate hai interview k liye to.. PLEASE gaurse dekhiyega baba ko atakte huye..

m also a godman NUMAL BABA.. come to
my darbar n get krupa

What a modern god, also available on facebook and twitter, and asks for donation ...aisa bhikhari god india mai hi entertain ho sakte hai

 Tum aur tumhare baba sab dhongi ho.aur tumhe baba ne kitna paisa diya ye sab karne ke liye.

nirmal baba ek numbar ka chlu admi hey or
ye ek uska bissness hey ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

pakav admi hey

 tu chup kar re
tum logo key bajase ye admi itna sab ko lut raha hey
kamina hey

 sht up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

u blive a  man not a god

nirmal baba such a dongi

 bcuz.........people are so lalchi


 baba ko bharat ratna diya jana chahiye.....aur inke chailo ko padam shri..........

i do not believed to nirmal baba

Saab Bakwas NirmaL khud rich hota ja raha..koi aam admi paise wala ho ya na ho ye zarur ho jayga..mai ye sochta hu ki galat nirmal nahi to apna DHANDA kar raha hai..Murkh to public hai Jo Aise loga k piche pagal rhti hai..Jo ki parde k piche rh kar pata nahi kya kya karte hai..or Stage p aa k Ekdum Mahapurush ban jaate hai..or wahi rati ratai bate kakte hai Joo Log SaaLo(years)se sunte aarahe hai..Pata nahi Aam Admi KAlyUG k jamane mai Ek Sadisuda BusnsS man aadmi ki Baato mai aajate hai Agar wo do Bate Updesh ki dene Lag Jate hai..Isse pata challta hai ki Hamare desh mai Andhwiswasio ki kami nahi hai..Agar hame Koi ISI Agent Updesh dega to ham use bhi bhagwan Maan kar Saab Kuch Soup denge..TABHI TO MERA BHARAT 'GARIB'HAI..SHAme On US

yaar baba ka kya......koi bole pet kharrab hai toh baba bolta hai......sandass main kitni deer beththe ho; agar kisi ne bola 5 minute toh baba bole ga 10 minutes baithna shuru karo..kirpa aani shuru ho jay gi...what a joke this nirmal dhongi is.........join me in fb


Suro Santra tu bhi or tera khandaan bhi

tu konsi ahaan aatma hai saalay. chup baith.

Aasish bhai pehle tu check kar apne ap ko tu kya hai?

bot inteligent hai tu saale chapad ganju. chup karo Alexander ki aulaado. Pradeep Tomar and Pankaj. Ek do episodes dekhke Conclusio pe aa gye.. bade samajhdaar ho

Tu paas holay pehle Arun,, saala

hume apni jindgi jine ka adhikar hai to humari soch pr koi kyu prshn khade krta hai. apni-apni smjh se kam kro,kisi pr kisi ka jor nhi hai.humne hi baba ko ejjat di hai to koi karan hoga vrna aj ki duniya me koi kisi pr paise bina karn nhi lutata hai.ap logo ne hr kam apni echchha se kiya hai to ab etni bate kyu ho rhi plz........ think about ur ownself b4 after then blem on other person.nobody person can press on other person that u wil hve to plz think????????????????????

baba maine tumsa farzii insaamn apnee jivan mai nahi dekha 240 cr rs ko lekar kya nark jaooge ye pasia jannta kaa hai inhee wapas kar doo warnaa nark mai bhi gaand ghistee nazar aaoge
bhaghan ka baanda
jai siya ram

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Viswas badi chij hai koi kuch kehta rahe kya fark padta hai.jhoot ki age jada dino ki nahi hoti sun ki roshni ko kyon rok saka hai .kuch makkar logo mere baba ko froud batane ki koshis kar rahe hai.sachha darbar kal bhi tha aaj bhi hai aur kal bhi rahega par ye makkar log ki haishiyat mit jayegi ye bhi baba ke sharan me aa jayenge babaji hum sab aapke saath hai babaji hum pe aur sabhi par kripa karen.koti koti pranam babaji ke charno me.

Iam parameshwari from hyderabad in ap.iam working lady i have so many problems baba ,pls help me from ur way.

Baba ji me to want to join ur darbar.. but how to rajister i dont know...

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