Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deepa Malik [Biography] Swimmer,Biker of the world

Deepa Malik is an Indian swimmer, biker and athlete. She is a paraplegic. She has won numerous accolades for her participation in various adventure sports.

She was born on 30th Sept 1970.

Malik is not an ordinary person. She is a paraplegic, paralysed from waist down, but that has not stopped the 41-year-old from taking up challenges. The mother of two and wife of an Army officer, in fact, turned adversities into opportunity and success. Life took a twist when a spinal tumor made walking impossible 12 years ago. It was a tough time for Malik family. Her husband Bikram Singh Malik was fighting the Kargil war and at home Deepa was struggling with her tumors. Finally the family won both the war. India won Kargil. Despite three spinal tumour surgeries and 183 stitches between shoulder blades, she came out a winner and has never looked back.

Deepa also runs a successful restaurant by the name Dee’s Place in Ahmed Nagar, where the family is settled. She is very active in adventures sports. She is associated with Himalayan Motorsports Association (H.M.A.) and Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (F.M.S.C.I.). A lesson for all able and disables, she has done 8 days 1700 k.m. drive in minus degree temperatures. Even on an altitude of 18000 feet with oxygen shortage, she was able to sustain it all. It was - ‘Raid-de-Himalaya’. This journey covers many difficult paths including remote Himalaya, Leh, Shimla and Jammu.

She has won numerous accolades for her participation in various adventure sports. Whether it is swimming against the strong Yamuna current, or riding a special bike or even taking a shot at the Paralympics, she has done it all. She has won bronze medal in Women's Javelin Throw. She has got nominated in Limca Book Of World Records for her swimming records.

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keep going maam.really nice to see u in Rodies.

ma'am... u r really an idol.. hats off to u

Hats off to A GREAT LADY.......!!!!

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Incredible women in the world (aapko sat sat naman)

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hats of t deepa mallik garu i wondered after reading news in andhrajhoti daily paper so came t know abot deepagaru in the net nagendra adv adn

india ko aap par garve hai,keep it up,i am saluting a lady like you

Hats off to the brave lady...

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where there is will. there is are the best example of this...i salute your spirit

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