Sunday, December 26, 2010

Who is Nira Radia ?

Nira Radia is the owner of Vaishnavi Corporate Communications Pvt. Ltd.The company works in corporate communication and liaison related things.
Neera born in Kenya but moved to London in 1970.She did her schooling from elite Haberdashers’ Aske’sin northern London. She graduated from University of Warwick. She married with UK businessman of Gujrati origin Janak Radia. They divorced soon.

Nira started her career in liaison with Sahara. Later she became India representative of Singapore Airlines, KLM, UK Air. She built her strong contacts among media,politics and corporate.

2G Specturm Controversy
Indian Income Tax Department tapped phone calls of Nira during 2008-2009, as a part of their investigation. In the phone calls many things came in light like Nira was in touch with some big corporates, media workers, leaders who played a major role in 2G spectrum scam. There are more then 300 tapes which recorded the key conversation between Nira and people like A Raja, Vir Sanghvi, Barkha Dutt, Ratan Tata. Most of these conversations are related with 2G spectrum scam.

Twitter Controversy
She tweeted on 25th January -
"Spotted a BJP MP from MadhyaPradesh devouring beef steak at a steakhouse in London. There should be a law against hypocrisy."

Please note here that President Pratibha Patil recently gave her assent to the long-pending Madhya Pradesh Cow Progeny Slaughter Prevention (Amendment) Bill which proposes seven-year imprisonment for cow slaughter.
Madhya Pradesh state is ruled by BJP now and CM Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan is a strong protestor of beef.


Neera is just being used.. She is just a small player of the game. CBI should arrest all the big shots like A Raja and Pradeep Baijal.

Neera is having 2,89,999 crore rupees black money in UBS bank....4main accounts and 14subaccounts...

Yes, here it is...

Identify Indians Love Indians Educate Indians that will flourish India!

she is big planner and she use all the persons,,,,,

FACT :She never went to Habadasher Aske School or Warwick University

She was a mere receptionist at Benatone, in Wembley, UK

FACT : She was pregnant before she got married

nira radia owns 280000 crore of black money in Swiss bank... wiki leaks statement

Yes I agree.. Neera is just being used !


wt ever she ic bt talented as a indian women

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